TenCate Geosynthetics Linz celebrates 50th anniversary!

TenCate Geosynthetics has been producing geotextiles in Linz for 50 years. In October 2021, the workforce celebrates the successes of recent years with an employee party.

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Behind the scenes

Interviews with companions and employees.

Brankica Klapcic, Managing Director from 2006 onwards

What makes Linz a special site?

Heinz Bocksrucker: Managing Director, Head of Production from 1969 – 2006

How everything began. From the start-up-phase to the business success of Polyfelt®.

Johann Weißenböck, Sales Manager Toptex® from 1987 - 2017

The rise of Toptex®. How the fleece for crop protection was launched on the market.

Norbert Wagner, Managing Director Germany from 1994 - 2016

Development of Geosynthetics. Arguments for sustainability.

Manfred Wewerka, Application Manager from 1977 - 2017

The start of civil engineering.

Jürgen Gruber, Sales & Marketing Director EMEA from 2002 onwards

Which role do Geosynthetics play today? What is the future of Geosynthetics?

Günther Sebera: Head of Purchasing, Forklift Driver from 1981 onwards

Personal interview and overview of the company’s milestones in the last 40 decades.

Gabriela Danner, Marketing Communication Coordinator from 2020 onwards

Current overview of the tasks in Marketing Communication EMEA.